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Controlled Prescription Pads

Important notice

CRNBC on Sept. 4, 2018, will become the BC College of Nursing Professionals. As we transition our online systems, we will be unable to process orders for Controlled Prescription Pads. 

Orders must be received before 10 a.m. on Aug. 21, 2018 to ensure September delivery. After this deadline, we will be unable to accept orders until Sept. 5, 2018, (with the order being sent for fulfillment on Sept. 11, 2018), so please plan accordingly.

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BC Controlled Prescription Program

The Controlled Prescription Program (CPP) is a multi-stakeholder program that includes the Ministry of Health and several professions regulators. The program monitors controlled drugs and substances prescribing to prevent forgeries and reduce inappropriate prescribing.

The drugs listed in the Controlled Drug Program Information and Drug List require the use of a duplicate prescription. CRNBC oversees the provision of duplicate controlled prescription pads to Nurse Practitioners who are practising in B.C.​

Methadone Maintenance Treatment program

There is a specific pad for prescribing methadone for Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT). Please see the requirements below.

NPs should use their controlled prescription pads for all other forms of OAT prescribing.  

Please note that you must have completed the requisite training and education requirements for methadone maintenance OAT prescribing before you submit your first order for prescription pads.

Your responsibilities
  • You must have appropriate PharmaNet access, and employer support to prescribe controlled drugs and substances.
  • Ensure you follow CRNBC prescribing standards and all employer policies, standards and guidelines.
  • You must keep duplicate controlled prescription pads and all other prescription pads in a secure, locked area that is not accessible to the public nor to health care staff.
  • Do not share your pad or use anyone else's pad: every pad is linked to the prescriber it was issued to by folio number.
  • Be sure to keep the duplicate copy of the prescription form in the client health record, NOT within the controlled prescription pad.
  • You must return these pads to CRNBC (either in person or by XpressPost) if any of the following occur:
    • You move your practice out of B.C.
    • You change your status to non-practising or inactive
    • You plan to take a leave of longer than 12 months
    • You are instructed to do so by CRNBC staff
  • CPP duplicate forms cannot be faxed.
  • Prescriptions for long term care and extended care licenced facility patients do not require the use of CPP forms and may be faxed to the authorized community pharmacy.

To learn more about controlled drug and substances (CDS) prescribing, review the requirements page.

How to order controlled prescription pads

To order your pads, you'll need to log into your CRNBC account. Be prepared with the address you would like the pads couriered to.

The pads will be delivered from the printer via Canada Post Xpresspost. As the ordering NP, you will be expected to:

  • provide identification matching the name on the personalised pads
  • sign for the delivery

No one else can sign for your pads. Canada Post will attempt delivery twice. If both attempts are unsuccessful, Canada Post will forward the order to CRNBC. CRNBC will then contact you to organize delivery.

If you do not receive your pads within five weeks of ordering, contact CRNBC at or 604.736.7331 (toll free 1.800.565.6505), ext. 331.

Methadone maintenance treatment pads

If it's your first order, CRNBC will conduct a review of your PharmaNet data. Once this is complete, CRNBC will submit the order to the printer. This means you should allow five to six weeks for your first pad(s), and three to four weeks thereafter.​

What to do if your pad is lost or stolen

If you discover that your CPP pad is missing—whether it is lost or stolen—in addition to following employer policy, you must take these steps:  

  • Determine what folios (numbered forms) were in the missing pad, and,
  • Whether there are legitimate prescriptions still outstanding that will need to be replaced. 

You must report the misuse, theft (or possible theft in the case of lost pads) to:

Please note: if any patient information is contained in the missing pad, the BC Privacy Commissioner must be notified. This can be done by completing the Privacy Breach Form on the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) website.

​Q​uestions or concerns?

Feel free to contact us.
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  • Call 604 736-7331 x331
  • Toll-free 1 800 565-6505 x331
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