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New process for ordering controlled prescription pads

posted Feb. 14, 2018

Personalized pads now available

We’re pleased to report that nurse practitioners (NPs) are now able to order controlled prescription pads that have been pre-printed with their name, address, and prescriber number.

What’s changed?

Turnaround time

As the pads will now be delivered directly from the printer, the length of time it takes to process and ship orders is going to increase to three to four weeks. Please factor this timeline in when planning your orders. You are now also able to order up to three pads at a time.

The pads will be delivered from the printer via Canada Post Xpresspost. The Ministry of Health requires that the NP who ordered the pads, and whose name is printed on the pads, must show identification and sign for the delivery. There will be two delivery attempts, after which the pads will be sent to CRNBC.

Once you receive your pre-printed pads, you must send the unused blank pads to CRNBC for secure shredding. Please contact CRNBC when you receive your new pads, and we will send out a pre-paid Xpresspost envelope addressed to the College for returning the unused pads. Please ensure that no patient information is contained in the pads before couriering them.

Methadone pads

NPs are now also able to order methadone pads for opioid agonist treatment (OAT). NPs must complete the requisite training and preceptorship before submitting their first order for methadone maintenance prescribing pads for OAT.

If it’s your first order, CRNBC will conduct a prescription review before requesting a section 56 exemption on your behalf. Once the exemption has been granted, CRNBC will submit the order to the printer. This means you should allow up to five to six weeks for your first methadone pad(s), and three to four weeks thereafter.

CRNBC’s Quality Assurance Program administers the process to confirm CRNBC’s recommendation to Health Canada that an NP receive approval for the exemption for methadone for opioid use disorder. CRNBC’s initial requested exemption period will be for one year. The exemption is required before an NP’s methadone pad order can be processed.

Please visit the Controlled Prescription Pad page for more information.

We thank you for your patience as we implement this new process.


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