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Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-specific Orders: survey results

posted July 29, 2016

A big thank you to all the nurses who took the time to complete our survey on the revised RN scope standard Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-specific Orders. We received over 400 responses from nurses around the province.

We’re going through the results in detail, and will be making changes to the standard based on some of the feedback, but in the interim, we wanted to share some of what you had to say:

  • The standard provides sufficient direction for practice but could be shorter and easier to read.
  • More examples are always helpful, especially for new concepts like giving client specific orders.
  • Make sure that key terms are defined and positioned so that the reader can easily identify them.
  • The introduction provides really important information about the standard, but this gets lost if it’s too long.

What’s next?

The revised standard will be reviewed and approved by the CRNBC board at its September 2016 meeting. Once the standard is approved, the board will also set an effective date. We will then post the final standard on the website—keep an eye on the October 2016 newsletter for the effective date, and opportunities to contribute to resource development.

Working together

Collaboration between nurses and the college is an important part of self-regulation. We encourage nurses to get involved: surveys, focus groups, webinars—we want to hear from you!

RN Scope Refresher

While we continue to refine this Scope standard, we encourage you to check our 5-minute “scope refresher”. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback. Email

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