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NP Practice Analysis

Last chance to provide feedback

​posted March 31, 2016

The Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators CCRNR on Feb. 22 released the results of the NP Practice Analysis.

CRNBC is now inviting feedback from NPs across the province to validate the draft entry-level competencies put forward by this group:

Questions to consider in your review:

  • Do the competencies by category describe entry-level NP practice in B.C.? If no, provide reasons.
  • Do the competencies reflect entry-level NP practice in B.C.? If no, please identify which ones do not.
  • Are the entry-level competencies comprehensive in the B.C. context? If not, please identify gaps.
  • Any other comments?

Deadline for feedback is May 1, 2016. Send your feedback to:

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