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Message from BCCDC re: bicillin shortage

For nurses who are CRNBC-certified in Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Management

This shortage is now over. Please refer to the July 8, 2016 announcement.  

​posted April 28, 2016

On April 25 2016, in response to a national shortage of benzathine penicillin G (Bicillin L-A), the BCCDC, in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada, issued interim treatment guidelines for syphilis infection effective immediately.

While the diagnosis and treatment of syphilis are NOT within the scope of RN(C)s, the treatment of sexual contacts to a person diagnosed with syphilis IS within RN(C) scope of practice.

Please note:

The interim recommendations for treatment of a client who is a contact to a confirmed syphilis case indicate treatment with doxycycline for the majority of clients. This aligns with the alternate treatment option outlined in the CRNBC STI treatment of contacts DST.

Please use the alternate treatment outlined in the CRNBC Treatment of STI Contacts DST during this bicillin shortage. Once the bicillin shortage is resolved, a provincial communication will be provided to convey that the interim guideline is no longer required, and the use of standard treatment guidelines for syphilis can resume.

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