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Top case studies of 2014

posted Jan. 13, 2015

This year Nursing Matters brought you case studies on a range of standards-related practice issues. Which piqued the most interest?

Top 5 case studies of 2014

  1. He's not your client: can you dispense his meds?
  2. What were the warning signs?
  3. Social media snapshots: Mini scenarios about responsible use of social media
  4. A Facebook vent
  5. A practice challenge for a public health nurse

You said it!

While CRNBC staff nurses help create the case studies, we are always curious how others will receive them. The thousands of comments nurses share through our online feedback boxes are invaluable in helping us evaluate and improve case studies. Thanks for your feedback!

The case study "He's not your client: can  you dispense his meds?" generated the most comments in 2014. Some nurses told us whether they agreed with the case study premise and/or its conclusion. Other nurses had practice questions or advice, "I would need proof that the man is who he says he is, and would definitely ask for confirmation of order from the ordering physician. If hesitant, there is usually a night supervisor one could consult with first, which, if I were a relatively new nurse, I might do anyway".

Many nurses said they appreciated thinking about work challenges, with comments such as these:

  • "Case studies help to keep us thinking of possible situations and their solutions."
  • "In the rural sites, this is very relevant. You may have this happen and clients often don't understand that "the doctor already saw me" isn't enough. I think this can catch up a lot of rural RNs and is a good reminder."

Please keep the comments coming. We value your feedback!

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