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Regulation Matters survey results

​posted June 22, 2015

A few issues ago, we asked subscribers if Regulation Matters was hitting the mark. Regulation Matters is a quarterly newsletter for employers of registered nurses and nurse practitioners. It is offered on a free subscription basis and has 13,350 subscribers.

We're pleased to report that nearly 70 per cent of our survey respondents say they read the newsletter every time they receive it.

The supervising factor

Of the subscribers who kindly answered our survey, less than half said they supervise nurses. Those who don't supervise nurses were more likely to say they don't read the newsletter and that it doesn't contains useful information.

On the flipside, those who supervise nurses get more out of the newsletter and read it more often.

What people like

We only send the newsletter to people who asked to receive it. So, it wasn't surprising that the material in the newsletter scored well among survey respondents. About 60 per cent said the material is useful, while another 30 per cent said it is very useful.

Top scoring material:

  • News and updates on new and existing policies and standards
  • Registration and renewal updates
  • Resources such as learning modules and case studies

Suggestions for improvement

We received good suggestions for future consideration, such as:

  • Case studies that are specific to a nurse in a supervisory role
  • Information for how non-nurse supervisors can ensure standards are met
  • Information specific to health region or geographic area
  • More information on upcoming regulation and trends in regulation

Thank you to everyone who answered our survey!  Over the year to come we will look at ways to begin incorporating some of these great suggestions. 

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