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Four tips to make quality assurance a habit

Nurses are lifelong learners who continually assess and improve their practice

posted Oct. 2, 2015

Every year during registration renewal, you are asked to report on your quality assurance activities. But quality assurance isn’t just about answering a few questions. It’s a year-round process you can use to continually assess your practice, seek feedback from colleagues, evaluate your progress and plan how you can improve.

As a self-regulating professional, your awareness about how you’re doing and how you can improve are an important part of your practice—and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort.

Here are a few ways that you can check in on the key elements of the CRNBC Quality Assurance Program:

  1. Take a look at your quality assurance profile occasionally. Would you answer any of the questions differently now? How does your self-assessment compare to the answers of other nurses in the province?
  2. Think about any recent feedback you have had from colleagues, patients or even family members about your practice. What are you doing well? Where can you improve?
  3. Review your professional development plan regularly. Are your goals still relevant? Are you making any progress to achieve them?
  4. Tally up your practice hours a few times a year to make sure you’re on track. Determine whether you have enough hours, and if they are eligible to meet the requirements.

Are you a nurse practitioner? Check out quality assurance information specifically for you.

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