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Update: Controlled Drugs and Substances Prescribing

posted Nov. 14, 2014

Standards, limits and conditions approved, but not in effect

Our board has approved standards, limits and conditions for NP controlled drugs and substances prescribing (changes in red). Although approved, these are not yet in effect, the current prescribing standards remain in effect. 

Required education

Educational conditions will be required, one of which is completion of the CRNBC NP Registrant Learning Program for NP CDS prescribing. This program is currently under development. The educational conditions are outlined in the standards, limits and conditions. 

Next steps

We continue to progress toward the time when NPs in B.C. can prescribe controlled drugs and substances (CDS). Before that can happen, provincial legislation needs to come into effect and we then implement the CDS Prescribing Standards, Limits and Conditions.

It is difficult to predict when all of the components will be in place to authorize and support NPs to prescribe CDS. We are committed to keeping you informed throughout this process.

Milestones — CRNBC


  • Standards, Limits & Conditions for NPs specific to CDS prescribing
  • Statement of Competencies related to NPs prescribing of CDS

In progress, policy requirements, processes and resources related to the following:

  • Registration 
  • Quality Assurance
  • Controlled Prescription Program
  • Early Intervention Program (Health)
  • Professional Conduct Review
  • Registrant learning specific to CDS prescribing
  • Practice consultation

External milestones —​​​ Provincial Government, Employers and Others

  • Provincial Regulation changes for NP Scope of Practice to enable CDS prescribing authority
  • PharmaNet access
  • Employer based requirements and processes

Questions or comments?

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