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Certified Practice DST Survey Results

Here are the results of our recent DST survey, sent to all certified practice nurses (RN(C)s). There was tremendous interest in this survey (40 per cent took time to share their thoughts), so thank you! Your opinions and feedback are invaluable, and will help us improve how we bring you the DSTs.

Certified practice nurses by category

​Contraceptive Management (CM) ​194
​Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) ​215
​Both STI & CM ​425
​Remote Nursing ​146
​RN First Call ​73
Total 1,053

Frequent users

Almost 90 per cent of RN(C)s refer to the DSTs about once a week, with about the same percentage reporting the DSTs are a useful support for their practice.

Differences by category and location

Nurses certified in different areas of certified practice access the DSTs in different ways: RN(C)s with Remote Nursing and RN First Call are more likely to access the DSTs on paper—just over half access the DSTs this way, compared to only a quarter of CM and STI certified nurses.

Although just three per cent of RN(C)s mainly access the DSTs on handheld devices, there’s interest in this type of access. We’ll be looking into this as we go forward.


About a third of RN(C)s experience barriers accessing the DSTs. When your internet connection is slow or unavailable, or you don’t have computer access, paper copies do the trick. The downside of printed versions, RN(C)s note, is that up-to-date copies are not consistently available in their workplaces.

If bandwidth isn’t a problem, you need to know where to more easily find the DSTs on the college’s website.

We heard you!

In response to your feedback, we’re making it faster and easier to find the DSTs on our website. We’re adding a link on our home page, compiling them on one webpage and improving our website’s search function.


We’ll be sharing the results of the survey with employers through Regulation Matters newsletter.

Keep in touch

We’re always interested to hear from nurses. If you have questions, concerns or feedback, just drop us a line at

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