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Certified Practice Update

The Certified Practice page has been updated and new FAQs have been added.

Posted Jan. 31, 2014

What is CRNBC Certified Practice?

Registered Nurses who are certified by CRNBC can independently carry out some restricted activities that normally require an order. The RN is solely accountable for the diagnosis and treatment of the client.

There has been a bit of confusion over what is and what is not certified practice, so we’ve revised and updated the Certified Practice page to help clarify.

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What are the categories of Certified Practice?

There are four categories of certified practice:

How many nurses hold Certified Practice designations?

Currently, there are almost 1,000 nurses in B.C. who hold certified practice designations:

  • Remote Nursing – 144
  • RN First Call – 70
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) – 202
  • Contraceptive Management (CM) – 161
  • CM & STI – 408

How can I get Certified Practice designation?

You must take a CRNBC-approved course. Visit the CRNBC Certified Practice page to learn more.

If you have questions about certified practice, please email

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