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Certified Practice: DST Update Notification (CM)

The DSTs for Contraceptive Management have been updated as of February 2014

Posted Feb. 7, 2014

The decision support tools (DSTs) for each category of CRNBC-certified practice undergo a review every two years to ensure they reflect changes in best practice. The process includes a literature review, updating of references, consultation with clinical experts and feedback from nurses who use the DSTs.

Revisions to the Contraceptive Management Certified Practice DSTs are effective February 2014 and are now posted on the CRNBC website.

Be sure to replace any previous versions of DSTs with the revised versions.

The following DSTs have been reviewed and revised:

Please review and incorporate into your practice the revised DSTs as they outline the current requirements for Contraceptive Management Certified Practice.

Please email if you have questions. ​​

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