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Top case studies of 2013

Take a look at some of our most popular case studies in 2013.

posted Dec. 6, 2013

This year Nursing Matters brought you 17 case studies on a range of standards-related practice issues. Although it was just released in October, the new case study “Can she use her “RN” title?” has already been viewed by 5,800 people.

The 5 most viewed case studies of 2013

  1. Can she use her “RN” title?
  2. Balancing Work Fatigue and Client Safety
  3. You know the client. Now what?
  4. Can a retired nurse give flu shots?
  5. Does she have a duty to report?

We heard you

Number four on the list was number one in another measure: most comments. We heard from 88 people about “Can a retired nurse give flu shots?”

We appreciate your comments on case studies. In fact, when you said that one case study, in particular, did not hit the mark, we re-wrote it. From your comments, we know you appreciated our fresh take on “Balancing Work Fatigue and Client Safety.”

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