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NP survey

A recent survey reports that 86 per cent of NPs anticipate they'll incorporate narcotic and controlled substance presscribing into their practice.

posted May 24, 2013

Preliminary NP survey results

We recently asked for your input as we begin developing approaches for anticipated provincial legislation that will expand NP scope. If you are one of the 157 NPs who completed our survey on prescribing controlled substances — thank you! We’re delighted that almost 60 per cent of all NPs in our province provided their input.  

Our preliminary results show:

86 per cent of respondents anticipate incorporating narcotics and controlled substances prescribing into their practice

92 per cent of respondents said they need further education or review to support the introduction of narcotics and controlled substances into their prescribing practices

31 per cent of respondents would choose to include the prescribing of medical marijuana in their practice, if given the authority.

  • 28.7 % would choose not prescribe medical marijuana.
  • 40% were unsure at this time.

We will present complete results in the next Nursing Matters (NP Edition), scheduled for the end of June.

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