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Leaving nursing practice

​Changing your registration status from practising to​ non-practising or inactive​​

Does it make sense for you?

W​​hat you should​​ ​know

  • When you have non-practising or inactive registration status, you cannot work or volunteer as a nurse in B.C.​ 
  • When you apply to change your status in the future — if more than 90 days lapses from the last time you held practising registration, you must submit a notarized statutory declaration (Form 11) with your change status application.  
  • Refunds are pro-rated based on an annual fee. 
  • You are not required to change your registration status from practising to non-practising/inactive if you don't plan to practise nursing, e.g., you're retiring. 
  • If you're a nurse practitioner, please see NP: leaving nursing practice​.

Leavin​​g nursing practice due to disability/illness

Check with your employer and/or disability insurance company to make sure you understand all of the implications of changing your status to non-practising or inactive status. Some disability carriers or employers may require you to maintain practising registration to receive benefits.

 Ready to start?

  • ​Sig​n in to your account.​
  • Select "Change status" to start the process. You may have to complete a crimina​l record check if you haven't completed one in the past five years.​

 Leaving nursing practice scenarios

​​W​​e cre​ated several scenarios and FAQs to provide an overview of how the change status process works.  Read scenarios and FAQs​​​​


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