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Registered nurse application

 B.C. educated nurses

If you graduated from a nursing program in British Columbia, you must apply for CRNBC RN registration and apply to write the national nursing exam.

 Canadian nurses

If you are a registered nurse with current or previous registration in another Canadian jurisdiction, or you recently graduated from a Canadian RN nursing program, you are eligible to apply for RN registration in British Columbia.

 Internationally educated nurses

Internationally educated nurses who have never been registered in Canada may be eligible for registration to practise as an RN in B.C. To start a CRNBC application, you must first apply to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NN​AS). After you complete the NNAS process, CRNBC may require you to undergo a competency assessment.

 Delays & complex applicatons

​It's a good idea to have all the necessary documents and information on hand before beginning the registration process. 

​Complex applications take longer to review and process. 


​All ​​applicants—including B.C. gradu​​ates—who apply for initial RN registration must complete the jurisprudence learning m​​odule. Learn more»​​​

Engli​​​​​sh requirements

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