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About provisional registration

Provisional registration is granted to qualified applicants who have outstanding registration requirements to meet.

Responsibilities & privileges

If you are granted provisional registration, you must:

    • Satisfy CRNBC's Standards of Practice (Professional Standards, Scope of Practice Standards, and Practice Standards).
    • Abide by all conditions placed on your registration.

Expiry & renewal

Provisional registrants are ordinarily given 12 months to meet all conditions on their PR. Provisional registrants who do not do so are not eligible to extend their PR

If you failed the national nursing exam​

Applicants who have failed the exam two or more times are not eligible for provisional registration until they have passed the exam.


When CRNBC has received all of your required forms, you will be granted provisional registration within 10 business days. Verify your registration status.

Converting to p​ractising RN or NP registration

  • If you hold RN provisional registration, upon meeting all assigned conditions, your provisional registration will automatically be converted to practising RN registration.
  • If you hold NP provisional registration, upon meeting all assigned conditions, you will need to submit final paperwork and fees to be converted to practising NP registration.

 Monitored practice

    ​Monitored practice means that the registrant holding provisional registration is monitored and evaluated by the appropriate individual, i.e., a registered nurse or nurse practitioner. The monitoring individual should be on site or readily available so that the registrant can consult and or collaborate as needed. Unless specified otherwise, monitored practice is in place for the duration of provisional registration. Monitoring involves:

  • Reviewing/checking the quality of care provided by the registrant;
  • Addressing any practice concerns with the registrant;
  • Reporting practice concerns as required under the HPA to CRNBC; and
  • If required, providing CRNBC with a reference/employee performance evaluation to confirm the registrant’s ability to practise nursing in a safe, competent and ethical manner in accordance with the standards expected of a registered nurse in B.C.

  • Unless specified, monitoring does not mean that the provisional registrant:

  • Is supernumerary; and 
  • Has 1:1 on​site supervision.

  • Monitored practice is not:

  • A practicum experience; and
  • A preceptorship.

*This requirement only applies to provisional registrants who have a condition on their registration that requires their practice to be monitored/supervised.


Applicants are informed of the conditions on their registration before their provisional registration is issued. 

If you breach any of your provisional registration conditions, you may be referred to CRNBC Professional Conduct Review. You may also be required to suspend your nursing practice.


Your application for provisional registration may be delayed if:

  • your application or other submitted documents are incomplete
  • you have had a criminal charge, conviction or pardon
  • a discipline, competence or fitness to practise issue has been identified.

In some cases, applications require review by the CRNBC Registration Committee to determine an applicant’s eligibility for registration. You will be informed if your application requires this review.

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