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Verification of registration

What is an official verification of registration?

It is an official document that shows your current registration status and registration history with CRNBC. ​​

Proof of your registration status

​You will  likely be required to provide verification of registration when you apply to another regulatory body or an educational institution.

​What is a copy of an official transcripts or documents?

It is a copy of your transcripts or other application documents that have come to CRNBC directly from the school or the issuing organization. If you applied through NNAS, we are not able to forward your transcripts or documents because CRNBC did not receive them directly from the issuing organization.

How long will it take?

Once we've received your request and payment, we will create an official document and will mail it to the regulatory body or education institution indicated on your request form. It may take up to two​ weeks for your request to be processed.

You will receive a confirmation email once the verification has been sent. 

Your verific​ation document includes the following:

  • ​CRNBC registration number, initial registration dates (including provisional registration, if any) and current registration status with CRNBC
  • date of birth and former names (if any) 
  • n​ame of school of nursing, graduation date and type of program
  • dates and scores of all Canadian or US registration examinations written, if on record 
  • hours worked in previous five years, as reported to CRNBC on initial registration application and/or annual renewal form
  • statement regarding whether or not my registration is and has been in good standing
  • statement regarding whether or not an unresolved written complaint has been received by CRNBC or my registration is under investigation​​


B.C. graduates — CRNBC does not keep copies of transcripts from registrants​ who completed their bachelor's degree in nursing in B.C. If you are a B.C. grad, please contact us to see which documents we have on file.

NNAS applicants — CRNBC cannot forward your transcripts, verifications or English test scores to other organizations because we did not receive them directly from the issuing organization. If you need these documents, you must request them from the original institution.​

​Make a request for verification​ or copies of documents


Plus GST​

*Verification of registration  $50
​*Copies of documents (transcripts, verifications, English test scores)  $50​

​*Not available to National Nursing Assessment Service applicants.


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