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Registration for B.C. NP Graduates

Getting started on the B.C. grad application process.

Important notice

CRNBC on Sept. 4, 2018, will become the BC College of Nursing Professionals. CRNBC will stop accepting new applications for registration or status changes at midnight on Aug. 19, 2018. My Account (online services) will be unavailable after close of business on Aug. 24, 2018.

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To practise as a nurse practitioner in British Columbia, a nurse practitioner must be registered with CRNBC. CRNBC registers nurse practitioners in one of three streams of practice:

  • Adult
  • Family
  • Pediatric

All applicants are required to complete:

  1. A written examination, and
  2. An objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) in the appropriate stream of practice: family, adult or pediatric.

Provisional Nurse Practitioner (NP) Registration

B.C. NP graduates are eligible to apply for provisional NP registration, which enables you to work as an NP (with conditions) in B.C. prior to passing the written exam and OSCE.

Applying for provisional registration is only required if you plan to practise as a provisional NP prior to passing the exam and obtaining full CRNBC registration.

Learn more about provisional registration


​If you are not currently registered as an RN with CRNBC, you will need to apply.  Your RN and NP application can be submitted at the same time.

 Resources for new NPs

*Examples of diseases, disorders and conditions commonly managed by an entry-level NP are now an appendix in Applying the Competencies.

NP Scope of Practice   


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