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Pre-authorized payment plan

 Spread your fees over the year

How it works

  • You can spread your renewal fees for next year with our pre-authorized payment plan.
  • Each month you pay a portion of your estimated fees and watch the balance add up in your CRNBC account. By the time renewal arrives, your fee* will have been collected.
  • In January/February you fill out the online form to complete your renewal (and pay your renewal fees for the current year in a lump sum).
  • Pre-authorized payments continue from year to year.

How soon can I start?

You can start paying for next year's renewal today. Send us a completed Pre-authorized Payment Agreement form. If you are not on the plan, you will need to pay your renewal fees in one lump sum.

Does this work like monthly payments for ICBC insurance?

CRNBC’s plan helps you build a balance to pay for the next year’s fees, not the current year. 

*Please note: The PAP monthly payments are based on the current year's fees.​ Any change to the renewal fees could result in an amount owing at renewal.




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