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Professional liability protection costs

​Practising CRNBC registrants automatically become beneficiaries of CNPS upon initial registration, and that status is renewed annually during the renewal period.  The cost is included in the overall registration or renewal fee.

Fee breakdown

In 2018, practising RNs and employed student registrants (ESRs) will pay a total PLP fee of $35.70. Nurse practitioners will pay $89.78. This fee includes:

  • The annual CNPS fee: $34.00 for RNs and ESRs, and $85.50 for NPs.
  • GST

2019 professional liability fees 

CNPS will be increasing their fees for 2019-20:
  • ​​$14 for RNs ($48+GST)
  • $37 for NPs ($122.50+GST). 
CNPS is increasing fees due to increased​ claims, higher demand for CNPS services and complexity of cases. Learn more​
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