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As of September 2017, Student representative Program is closed. You can find out more information, here: Update on the Student representative Program and ongoing student and faculty engagement​.

There are several roles in the Student Representative Program:

  • Student Representatives
  • Nursing Education Program Administrator
  • Faculty Liaison
Role of the Student Representative

The primary role of the Student Representative is to assist nursing students to understand and use CRNBC standards. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • plan and host activities to increase student awareness, knowledge and understanding of the Standards of Practice (for example use the content of the “If You Were This Student Nurse” poster in class, refer to Standards during case conference discussions, invite a nursing practice advisor or consultant to speak)
  • refer nursing students to appropriate CRNBC resources (e.g. website, posters)
  • maintain the SRP bulletin board
  • organize and host CRNBC continuing education workshops
  • alert students to new CRNBC information provide a communication link between nursing students and CRNBC
  • attend the CRNBC Board meeting, CRNBC Annual General Meeting, Canadian Nurses Association annual meeting, regional interagency meeting
  • help recruit interested students to the SRP
  • communicate learning needs related to the role of the student representative to faculty liaison and Nursing Practice Advisor
  • establish a suggestion box for students to indicate their information needs or to suggest ways you might work with them to promote CRNBC in your school
  • meet regularly with other student representatives, faculty liaison and CRNBC Nursing Practice Advisor each semester for program and communication planning
  • create a SRP website with links to the school website
  • organize and host a nursing forum to highlight the variety of nursing roles
  • participate in the evaluation of the SRP
  • have a “Meet the Reps” gathering during coffee time or lunch
Role of the Nursing Education Program Administrator
  1. Support the program
  2. Appoint a faculty Liaison.
  3. Facilitate orientation of the faculty liaison to the program
Role of the Faculty Liaison
  1. Introduce the CRNBC student representative program to the students and staff.
  2. Provide at least one bulletin board for the use of student representatives.
  3. Facilitate representative use of communication media for program activities.
  4. Meet with student representatives and Nursing Practice Advisor to plan communications, program activities, monitor program implementation, and monitor program progress.
  5. Notify CRNBC Nursing Practice Advisor of any significant developments that may impede or enhance the success of the program.
  6. Participate in the evaluation of the Student Representative Program within own nursing education program.
  7. Liaise with other faculty to support the Student Representative Program.
  8. Identify opportunities in the curriculum to support the goals of the Student Representative Program. (e.g. create/take advantage of opportunities to discuss CRNBC Standards with students and faculty)

 Contact us

Student Representative Program Inquiries
604.736.7331 ext. 341
toll-free 1.800.565.6505 ext. 341

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