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As of September 2017, Student representative Program is closed. You can find out more information, here: Update on the Student representative Program and ongoing student and faculty engagement​.

The provincial CRNBC Student Representative Program is a network of approximately 250 CRNBC student representatives. Student representatives volunteer their time to raise awareness of CRNBC in their nursing program. They promote good nursing practice by providing information about CRNBC programs and resources, and by helping other nursing students to understand and use CRNBC's Standards of Practice.

How Does It Work?

The Student Representative Program is a collaboration between CRNBC and the nursing education program. CRNBC recommends that there be at least two representatives from each year of the nursing program providing a greater exposure to other nursing students and to share the responsibility of the role.

Success of the program depends on the  support from the program dean/director, faculty and the CRNBC nursing practice advisor. Student representatives are part of a network of CRNBC leaders in their communities, which may include board members and professional support representatives.

How will I benefit?

The benefits of being a student representative include professional development opportunities and active involvement in professional activities at local and provincial levels. Student Representatives who participated in the exit evaluation said the program increased their awareness of nursing practice standards, improved their problem-solving skills and provided a support network for professional practice.

What will I be doing?

Throughout B.C., CRNBC nursing practice advisors provide onsite support for student representatives and faculty liaisons. They guide the student representatives in their role and are a local resource for information about CRNBC. Student representatives and faculty liaisons meet regularly with their nursing practice advisor to receive updates on CRNBC programs and activities, discuss current nursing issues and contribute to program planning. Student representatives may also attend meetings of CRNBC’s Board as observers and attend the CRNBC Annual General Meeting.

Nursing Practice Advisors liaise with nursing administrators to coordinate the implementation of the program in a nursing education program, including orienting new volunteers to their role.

 Contact us

Student Representative Program Inquiries
604.736.7331 ext. 341
toll-free 1.800.565.6505 ext. 341

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