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Applying for Supervised Practice Experience

​All applications for a Supervised Practice Experience are reviewed and if deemed appropriate, approved by the CRNBC Registration Committee.

How to apply for an SPE

  1. If you have not already done so, please contact CRNBC at to confirm that your situation is appropriate for a Supervised Practice Experience.
  2. Submit an online application for practicing status. 
  3. Obtain support from the employer/agency where you would like to complete your SPE. 
  4. Prepare a proposal to the CRNBC Registration Committee for approval (note: the proposal must follow the format provided below). 
  5. Submit the proposal to the Registration Committee at
  6. If your proposal is approved, you will obtain provisional registration status with CRNBC. The conditions on your registration will be to implement the approved SPE learning plan within six months.

​Obtaining support from an employer/agency

Finding an employer/agency that will allow you to complete an SPE at their facility/organization is necessary before you start working on your SPE proposal. Read the suggested steps below to ensure you identify an appropriate employer/workplace for your SPE, and that the potential employer has the information they need.

Suggested steps:
  • Read the SPE roles and responsibilities page​.
  • ​Identify and approach an agency you are interested in working with. This could be a previous employer, or an agency that you have no previous connections with.
  • Ensure the practice area you select provides nursing practice opportunities that fall within the definition of the practice of nursing.
  • Contact the agency and request a meeting to discuss the possibility of a SPE. In preparation for your meeting, send the employer the link to theSupervised Practice Experience: Information for Employers page on our website.
  • As a provisional RN, you will have the same Professional liability protection through your registration with CRNBC as a full RN, however, the employer (eg: Health Authorities) may have concerns about their own liability risks. You may want to speak about liability insurance with the organization’s manager, Risk Management or Professional Practice office, or the human resources staff. The employer may ask you to contact the Workers Compensation Board regarding your coverage during a Supervised Practice Experience.
  • If the employer agrees to the SPE, start work on your proposal.

​Preparing your proposal

When you find an agency willing to provide the experience, you will start preparing your proposal to the CRNBC Registration Committee. Submission to the committee should be typewritten and in electronic format. Please email your submission to the committee at

There are several sections to the submission.  Please use the following heading on each required document for each required section:

1. Coverletter

​A brief letter to the Registration Committee requesting to use SPE for renewal/reinstatement of registration.

2. Practice area

​A description of a practice area to help the committee determine the competencies required. Be sure to include:

  • Name and location of the sponsoring agency.
  • Description of practice setting (hospital, home).
  • Specific requirements (if any) of sponsoring agency (e.g., TB skin test).
  • Description of client population characteristics (number of clients, age, major health problems).
  • Focus of the nursing care activities (e.g., health promotion, prevention, restoration, rehabilitation, palliation).
  • Number of registered nurses and other health care professionals working in the area.
  • A brief outline of the nursing knowledge, skills attitudes and judgments that are required to provide care to clients in this area
  • Pertinent issues (if applicable) of importance in the area (e.g., ethical, workload).
  • Agency orientation plans.
3. Form 67: SPE Applicant Checklist

Complete the Supervised Practice Experience Applicant Checklist.

4. Resume

Please be sure to include role titles, responsibilities, employers and time worked with each employer.

5. Form 68: SPE Agency Applicant and Preceptor Agreement

Fill in the relevant portions of the SPE Agency, Applicant and Preceptor agreement and provide it to the employer and preceptor to complete.

6. Form 69: Perceptor Statement of Background

Provide the preceptor with the Preceptor Statement of Background for completion.

7. Learning and evaluation plan

​Please include

  • A brief description of the process you used to identify your learning needs
  • Objectives (learning outcomes)
  • Learning activities
  • Evaluation plans (including methods and tools)
  • Plan sequence and time frames (minimum 400 hours implemented within 6 months)

Use our Learning and Evaluation Plan development guide to help you develop your plan.

 Application forms

Read the "Preparing your proposal" section lower on this page for full proposal requirements.

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