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Registered nurses

Quality Assurance activities

To support their ongoing professional development and continued competence, registered nurses complete all of the following activities at least annually. In order to be eligible to renew, reinstate or convert to practising registration, you will be asked to report your annual completion of these quality assurance activities.  

Registered nurses

Registered nurses who have not worked as a registered nurse in the previous year must meet the following quality assurance requirements:

  • meet minimum practice hours (1,125 hours over the last five years)
  • complete a self-assessment using CRNBC’s Standards of Practice
  • create and implement a professional development plan based on their self-assessment

Registered nurses — certified practice

RNs holding certified practice designation must also meet two additional requirements:

    • attest they have engaged in the applicable certified practice within the previous three years
    • include at least one example related to certified practice in their self-assessment and in their professional development plan.


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