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Reporting requirements

Nurse practitioners answer the personal practice review questions during registration renewal, confirming that they have completed their Quality Assurance activities.

In addition to answering the personal practice review questions, during renewal you'll be asked to:

  • indicate the focus of your critical review of client documentation, and
  • list the professional development activities you undertook in the past year.

You must maintain and retain records of your practice hours and quality assurance activities for the last five years of your practice. Do not document any information that could be used to identify clients, family members or colleagues.

 NP personal practice review questions

The first three questions you will see during registration renewal are the RN Personal Practice Review questions. The remaining questions are specific to NP practice.

Beginning in 2015, nurse practitioners will be also asked to complete the self-assessment questionnaire as part of their registration renewal.

  1. In the past year, did you obtain peer feedback about your practice?
  2. In the past year, did you develop and implement a professional development plan based on your self-assessment and peer feedback?
  3. In the past year, did you evaluate the impact of the previous year's learning on your practice?
  4. What was the focus of your critical review of your client records?
  5. I confirm that I completed a minimum of three professional development activities in 2013 in accordance with CRNBC’s NP learning activity requirements (Y/N)
  6. What three learning activities did you undertake this year?
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