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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Professional Development for Nurse Practitioners
I am interested in Option 4: Teach, however the criteria outlines that if teaching is a part of a role function, it is not acceptable. Teaching is an important part of NP practice so how can I use this option?
“Role function” in this option refers to a function required of your employment or position as a nurse practitioner. For example, if you are required to teach a course as part of your employment, it does not satisfy this option. Presenting at a professional conference or teaching a course aside from your regular employment are examples of activities that, fulfil this option.
The Professional Development Plan used to require I choose 2 activities from options 1 – 3 and 1 activity from options 4 – 6. What has changed?
The requirement to choose 3 activities from the 6 options hasn’t changed and one activity still needs to relate to the unique scope of nurse practitioner practice. The CRNBC Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee previously made a recommendation of choosing 2 activities from options 1-3 because they may better address the individual learning needs identified through your self-assessment and peer feedback than options 4, 5, and 6. The principle to remember is that the learning activities you choose should address the learning needs that are identified in your self-assessment, peer feedback and onsite review (if applicable). This is the foundation of the learning activity requirement.
Option 3 suggests enrolling in and academic credit course or an accredited academic program. This is difficult because there are few options in BC. Can you provide some suggestions for how to fulfil this option?
You are not required to enrol in an academic program to fulfil this option. Courses (including online courses) applicable to your context of practice or scope of nurse practitioner practice would also be acceptable. You can also choose to audit a course in this option. An example might include completing an online course on HIV / AIDS management equivalent to 15 contact hours.
Does my onsite peer review of practice count towards my professional development / learning activities?
Although the onsite peer review may identify areas in which you need to learn or develop knowledge, it is separate from your personal professional development plan. You are encouraged to use the feedback from your onsite review to inform the professional development activities you include in your plan, however.
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