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Nurse practitioners

To support their ongoing professional development, nurse practitioners complete all of the following quality assurance activities. In order to be eligible to renew, reinstate or convert to practising registration, you will be asked to report that you have completed these activities.

Quality Assurance requirements for NPs

  • meet minimum practice hours (900 practice hours over the last three years)
  • complete a self-assessment using CRNBC’s Standards of Practice
  • seek and receive peer feedback
  • create and implement a professional development plan based on your self-assessment, peer feedback and client documentation review
  • evaluate the effect of last year’s professional development on your practice
  • complete a critical review of your client documentation
  • complete a minimum of three professional development activities from six categories of options
  • participate in an onsite peer review of practice, when scheduled by CRNBC

Nurse practitioners meet additional quality assurance requirements stemming from the legislated scope of nurse practitioner practice. The scope of nurse practitioner practice includes diagnosis of diseases, authority to order diagnostic tests, treatment of diseases, and authority to prescribe.

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