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Preparing for review

Access to client records

Please investigate the requirements for providing your reviewer with access to client records as soon as possible after your review notification, as obtaining access can be time consuming, and you don’t want you review to be delayed.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with you to obtain access to your client records. When scheduling your review, we will discuss with you the specifics of your charting system and establish a plan to obtain access on behalf of the assessor.

Preparing client records

  • The assessor will review 10 charts of clients that you have seen or cared for in the preceding three months. At least three charts will include prescribing activity.
  • If you use an EMR, the 10 charts may be chosen from a day list/schedule. Ideally the list will include the client’s age, gender and diagnosis.
  • If you use paper charting, it may be necessary that a random selection is pulled for the assessor (usually 20-30 charts). The assessor will then select the 10-chart sample to review. Ideally, you should not be the one pulling the charts for the assessor to select from.
  • On the day of the review, please provide the assessor with an orientation to your charts (e.g., charting methods/expectations in the practice setting, navigating the EMR)
  • Please contact CRNBC with any questions or if you need assistance 604 736 7331 x 352

Notifying your employer

Your employer may have questions about the onsite review process or about CRNBC’s authority to conduct reviews. You can tell your employer that the onsite review is one of your CRNBC Quality Assurance requirements and to contact us should they have further questions. We also have resources to help that we will include in our direct communications with you.

This process and the results are confidential within the QA Program. The information is for your use only; you are not required to share the result of your review with your employer or anyone else, unless you choose to.


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