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Nurse advisors are available to support nurses in meeting high practice standards

What kind of QA support does CRNBC offer?

Whether you’re new to the profession or a highly experienced nurse there are times in every nurse’s career when you can benefit from discussing quality assurance and your professional development with a peer. Working with you peer-to-peer, nurse advisors with nursing experience are available to help you:

  • Better understand and maximize the benefits of your multisource feedback report
  • Understand the role of the QA Advisor and the Quality Assurance Committee
  • Apply your learning from your report and integrate this information into your ongoing professional development to improve your practice throughout the year
  • Create an action plan and achieve high practice standards

What you can expect when working with a nurse advisor?

Nurse advisors are nurses who work with the CRNBC quality assurance team and QA Committee. Advisors have recent practice experience and have received training in facilitation/coaching. Their primary aim is to support nurses to achieve high practice standards. 

  1. Schedule a conversation:QA support begins with a preliminary conversation or email to answer any initial questions you may have and set up a convenient time for you.
  2. Your first conversation: A nurse advisor will go through your report with you, work with you to identify opportunities for improvement and support you in developing an action plan.

    Your advisor can help identify CRNBC resources relevant to your needs. In many cases, this first conversation completes the QA support process and you work independently to implement your plan over the next 12 months.
  3. Follow-up conversations: For some registrants, a follow-up conversation may be scheduled to discuss your progress and provide additional support. These conversations are tailored to the nurse’s unique needs.

When would a nurse advisor contact me about my report?

For the majority of registrants, the multisource feedback process is complete once you receive your confidential report, and begin independently developing your action plan. Of course, all practicing registrants are more than welcome to contact a nurse advisor for support and guidance.

My Professional Plan rating scale

Occasionally, a nurse advisor will proactively reach out to a nurse when there are a number of standards and themes requiring particular attention.

When we reach out, our nurse advisor will take great care to learn more about your practice, discuss concerns you may have and work supportively with you to help you meet your QA requirements.

 How can I request QA support?

All practising registrants interested in QA support are encouraged to contact us at:
Home > Practice support > Quality Assurance > My Professional Plan > Support