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Frequently asked questions

​Do you have a question? Check out the FAQs below.

If you don't see the information you're looking for, email — we'll be updating these FAQs regularly throughout the soft launch.

Information for colleagues

For people who've been invited to provide feedback to a colleague, we invite you to check out the additional information for colleagues.


I submitted my self-assessment. Can I go back and change my answers?

No. Once you hit submit, your responses are sent to the College and cannot be changed. ​

Who counts as a colleague?

Choose colleagues who are familiar with your practice. You can choose both nurses or non-nursing colleagues--they should be familiar enough with your practice to comment on observable behaviours.

Non-nursing colleagues can include

  • Other health professionals, such as physicians, occupational therapists, dieticians, physical therapists
  • Administrative staff
  • Housekeeping and care aides
  • Community workers in First Nations Health
  • Recreational therapists, clergy or volunteers (in areas such as pediatrics or long-term care)

Not sure? Email

What if I don't have enough colleagues?

​We recommend that you seek and receive feedback from at least 10 colleagues for the process to be most beneficial. To receive a report, you will need to have at least three colleagues complete a colleague questionnaire. If you are unable to find three colleagues , please contact us at

Time is running out and my colleagues haven't responded. What should I do?

​We send reminder emails to colleagues who have not responded, but if you're concerned you won’t receive the number of responses necessary to generate a report, you can log in to the system (through the CRNBC website) to double check that the email addresses you entered are correct and/or to add more colleague email addresses.

Please check with your colleagues before entering their addresses to be sure that they consent to complete an assessment for you.

Who will know my results?

​QA Program information is protected under the Health Professions Act. Your assessment results are confidential and only available to you, the QA Committee and authorized CRNBC Quality Assurance staff and QA assessors.

All CRNBC personnel involved in the QA Program must comply with QA Program applicable legislation, bylaws and policy. As such, we will not provide your results to your employer: your results are for your use, to help your professional development.

I don't agree with the feedback. What now?

A colleague's perspective on your practice can be sometimes challenging. Remember that the feedback you receive is just one part of the QA program which values identifying areas to improve and undertaking continuing professional development in those areas. We recommend that you consider the feedback in the context of your practice as a whole and identify areas that you can improve in.​

Can I see the assessment I provided to my colleague?

​No, your personal information is removed from your feedback and combined with the feedback from other respondents to create an anonymized report for your colleague.

CRNBC QA staff will not be able to identify who gave specific feedback. 

Asking for—and providing—feedback isn't easy.

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I'm working outside of BC. Can I still participate?

Yes. Neither you nor the colleagues you invite have to be working in B.C. to take part.

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