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In certain circumstances, nurses may be granted a one-year deferral

Requesting a deferral—multisource feedback

CRNBC registrants are expected to participate in multisource feedback once every five years. However, we recognize that registrants may not be able to participate during their assigned year, for a variety of reasons. You can request a deferral if you:

  • Are unemployed, not practising nursing, or on medical or parental leave; or
  • Cannot identify a minimum of ​three colleagues to complete the multisource feedback colleague questionnaire.

Completing multisource feedback while on leave

Remember that your colleagues are providing feedback on your practice over the past months, so even if you’re on leave now, you may still be able to participate!

As an example: say you went on parental leave on Nov. 1 2017. You’re then notified that 2018 is your year to complete multisource feedback. No problem! It’s perfectly acceptable to reach out to the colleagues you worked with before you went on leave to provide feedback. This way you meet your multisource feedback requirements and don't have to worry about requesting a deferral.

How to request a deferral

Send an email to, listing:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Registration number
  • Reason you’re requesting the deferral
  • Phone number we can reach you at

We recommend you contact us to request a deferral as early as possible after you’re notified of selection.


  • In most cases, CRNBC Quality Assurance staff will be able to grant a deferral based on the information you provide via email.
  • If staff require additional information, they’ll call or email you—part of this follow-up may include suggestions to help you meet your requirements, such as identifying additional colleagues who could complete your multisource feedback questionnaire.
  • You can only request a deferral for one year—the following year, you will be selected again to complete multisource feedback.

Deferrals reviewed by the QA Committee

The QA Committee reviews second deferral requests, as well as those from registrants who hold practising registration in B.C. but who practice in another jurisdiction.

If you are working outside B.C. and hold practising registration in B.C., please keep in mind that:

  • You can still complete multisource feedback by asking your colleagues in your practising jurisdiction; and,
  • You will need to notify CRNBC when you return to practice in B.C. so we can schedule any deferred assessments (such as an onsite peer review, for NPs).

Note that the QA Committee may ask you to submit information regarding how you met your quality assurance requirements in preceding years.

Please visit the oversight page for more information on the Quality Assurance Committee and its role.

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