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Information for colleagues

Providing feedback to a colleague

As part of the multisource feedback process, nurses are expected to seek feedback from both nurse and non-nurse colleagues. 

Providing feedback to a nurse colleague via My Professional Plan is a straightforward and positive experience. It won't take more than a few minutes, and your participation will help your nurse colleague improve their practice.

A few important things:

  • Multisource feedback is NOT for reporting concerns about a nurse’s practice. If you have serious concerns about the practice of a colleague please refer to our Duty to Report practice standard or report to the nursing concerns coordinator.
  • Your responses to the feedback questionnaire will be anonymous and confidential, meaning that neither QA staff nor the nurse being reviewed will know what responses came from which colleague​.
  • Your free-text comments will be included unedited in the comprehensive, anonymized report your colleague receives.

Giving good feedback

  • Your unique perspective gives you the ability to both highlight your colleague’s strengths and areas they may need to improve in, so provide feedback that is constructive
  • The feedback questionnaire is  based on the CRNBC Professional Standards and focuses on observable behaviour. Focus your feedback on things you have observed related to the indicators
  • If you haven’t seen your colleague perform a certain behaviour or you are unsure, select ‘Not observed’
  • Remember that all comments will be seen by your colleague unedited and as they are written

Privacy notice

The CRNBC Quality Assurance program is about protecting the public through assisting nurses in the continual development of professional behaviours that reflect the CRNBC Professional Standards.

Any information that you provide to us through the feedback questionnaire is protected under the Health Professions Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Your feedback will be provided to the nurse who has requested it in aggregate form only.


Will my colleague be able to see my responses?

​Your name (or any other identifying data) will not be attached to your responses. In addition, a report will not be generated unless a minimum of three colleagues respond, so it will be impossible for the nurse to know who gave which responses.

Your comments, however, will be included in the report exactly as you wrote them, so be careful not to include details that indicate your identity.

I have some major concerns about this nurse that I think CRNBC needs to be aware of. Should I use this questionnaire to let you know?

No. The multisource feedback process is used to give your observations on your colleague’s practice in order to assist them to identify areas in which they are meeting standards and where they can improve. The multisource feedback process and the questionnaires are not designed to report serious concerns about a nurse’s practice.

If you have any serious concerns about a nurse’s fitness to practice, you must report your concerns to the Nursing Concerns Coordinator

You can also refer to the Duty to Report practice standard.

I told a colleague I'd complete an assessment, but I've changed my mind. What should I do?

​You are under no obligation to complete an assessment. You should, however, let your colleague know that you will not be providing the feedback, so they can find someone else.

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