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Multisource feedback

posted May 7, 2018

Wrapping up multisource feedback

If you participated in multisource feedback this year, your report is ready for you to review!

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Your co​​lleagues have a unique perspective on your nursing practice. By working with you every day, t​hey see where you excel and where you could improve.

Multisource feedback is one way to help you identify where to focus your professional development via confidential feedback, presented in a comprehensive report. 

Multisource feedback is a central feature of My Professional Plan, a CRNBC web app that helps you manage your quality assurance requirements and professional development plans more effectively, all in one convenient place.

Note that My Professional Plan is currently only accessible to nurses participating in the multisource feedback process.

How does it work?

Using My Professional Plan, nurses will request and receive confidential feedback from their colleagues in three easy steps:

  1.  Complete a self-assessment questionnaire.
  2. Invite your colleagues to complete a similar questionnaire about your observable behaviours.
  3. Your colleagues’ responses will be gathered and delivered to you in a comprehensive report, which you can use to help guide your professional development planning.

All feedback is confidential. Nurses will not be able to identify their colleagues' individual feedback. Note that nurses are encouraged to invite both nurse and non-nurse colleagues to provide feedback on their practice.

How often will nurses be required to participate in multisource feedback?

Beginning in 2018, nurses will be asked to invite a number of colleagues every five years to provide feedback via a questionnaire and receive a multisource feedback report. Between each five-year requirement, nurses are expected to independently gather colleague feedback as part of their annual quality assurance requirements.

What is the value of multisource feedback?

Multisource feedback is being used more and more by health regulators around the world. Research indicates that healthcare professionals benefit from receiving confidential, structured feedback from their colleagues and in some cases, clients, particularly when this feedback is combined with coaching and self-reflection.

Multisource feedback also helps nurses in their professional development and self-regulation, by making formalized feedback from peers and others available, and generating opportunities for the nurses to improve their practice and meet high practice standards.

How will it help me improve?

Your personalized multisource feedback report can help you: 

  • Confirm key areas of strength in your professional practice
  • Identify areas for growth through self-reflection and colleague feedback
  • Identify gaps between how your colleagues rate you and how you rate yourself: this helps you identify your ‘blind spots’
  • Assess your progress and improvements over time
  • Build your professional development plan, based on your individualized results

By participating in more rigorous quality assurance activities like multisource feedback, nurses demonstrate to the public and other health professionals their commitment to quality improvement, accountability and ongoing professional development. ​​​​​​


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