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Professional conduct notices


CRNBC publishes a variety of professional conduct notices. These notices include the Criminal Record Review Non-compliance list; Consensual Complaint Resolution: consent agreements; and Investigation, Inquiry and Discipline Hearings. Also included in the notices are examples of resolutions reached with CRNBC and registrants who have gone through the formal complaint process.

Criminal record review non-compliance

A criminal record check is mandatory for all registrants of CRNBC. If a CRNBC registrant fails to undergo the criminal record review, then he/she is no longer allowed to practice as a nurse in British Columbia and may not use the title Registered Nurse or RN.

Formal complaint process

When a registrant goes through the formal complaint process, the complaint is resolved in one of two ways.

  1. Consensual complaint resolution: consent agreements
    The majority of complaints are resolved through a Consensual Complaint Resolution (CCR) process. The process results in a formal, legal agreement between a registrant and CRNBC (approved by the Inquiry Committee). Each agreement outlines the action that the registrant has agreed to take to address the issue or issues identified during the investigation process.
  2. Investigation, inquiry and discipline hearings
    If a solution cannot be negotiated using the CCR process, CRNBC’s Discipline Committee holds a formal hearing. Hearings are open to the public. Testimony is given under oath. The Discipline Committee decides if the allegations are substantiated and whether any disciplinary action is appropriate. Disciplinary action may involve a reprimand, conditions on registration, suspension or termination of registration. A nurse who is dissatisfied with the decision of the panel can appeal the decision.

Resolution examples

The resolution examples are based on actual consent agreements to illustrate how complaints are resolved using the Consensual Complaint Resolution process.

 Consent agreements

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