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Leila Reshid

Inquiry Committee orders pertaining to Leila Reshid

​Notice of cancellation — Leila Reshid, #0905983

On Nov. 28, 2016, the CRNBC Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Agreement cancelling the registration of Leila Reshid. Ms. Reshid is barred from working as a registered nurse. Ms. Reshid has further agreed that she will not apply for reinstatement for a period of five years. The reasons for the outcome are outlined below.


CRNBC received a complaint in January 2015 alleging multiple concerns with regard to the handling, dispensing, and wastage of Hydromorphone by Leila Reshid of Vancouver. Her employment was terminated.

Investigation indicated that during the months of August to October 2014, Ms. Reshid had 1546 Hydromorphone transactions in the Omnicell medication dispensing unit (a machine). By contrast, the next highest amount of transactions in a three month period was 56 vials of Hydromorphone. A subsequent audit of her practice from November 2013 to December 2014 showed she was dispensing Hydromorphone for patients to which she was not assigned, withdrawing medication for multiple patients at a time, removing two doses at once, not accurately documenting or accounting for the medication, and storing the narcotic in an unsecure manner. She provided no reasonable explanation for the amount of Hydromorphone she removed, or for her significant deficits in her handling of the medication. The cumulative result of the Registrant’s conduct is that CRNBC cannot be assured of the destination or current location of the Hydromorphone removed from the Omnicell by the Registrant, resulting in threat to public safety and repute of the nursing profession.

The Registrant agreed to limit her practise during CRNBC’s investigation to preclude the handling of narcotics.

At the conclusion of CRNBC’s investigation, the Registrant agreed to cancellation of her registration. She is no longer entitled to work as a nurse. She may apply for reinstatement of registration no earlier than five years from now, at which point she has the burden of satisfying the Registration Committee that she has the character, competence and fitness to be a registered nurse.

The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the cancellation of Ms. Reshid’s registration will protect the public.

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