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Criminal charges and convictions

When​​ a nurse is charged with a criminal ​offence

CRNBC registrants must r​eport any criminal charges to the College

Under the Criminal Records Review Act, nurses charged with a relevant or specified criminal offence must promptly report it to the College.

Report as soon ​​as a charge is laid

We require nurses to contact us as soon as a criminal charge is laid, before the information is disclosed to us by law enforcement or other third parties. We are obligated to deal with such information in a transparent and fair manner while pursuing our public protection mandate.

Nurses are also required to disclose any outstanding or recently concluded charges every year when renewing their registration. Failing to do so is considered misconduct under the Health Professions Act and will result in an investigation by our Professional Conduct Review department.

When we learn of a new charge or conviction for a criminal offence listed in the Criminal Records Review Act, we (a) require the nurse to authorize a new criminal record check, and (b) notify his/her employer that we are requesting a criminal record check because the nurse has disclosed an offence listed in the Act. 

All nurses must consent to a criminal record check every five years.

Requirements under leg​​islation

The Criminal Records Review Act helps protect children and vulnerable adults from physical, sexual or financial abuse. Under the Act, convictions include "conditional discharges," "alternative measures" and "peace bonds" ordered under sections 717 and 810 of the Criminal Code.

Applicants must also d​​isclose charges and convictions

Applicants must disclose any outstanding charges and/or concluded criminal matters when they apply for registration.​

 Do you have questions about criminal charges/convictions?

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