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February 2011

 The following proposed amendments were approved by government.

removal of an elected board member

On February 11, 2011, the Board of the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) met to consider changes to Section 1.09 (2) of the CRNBC Bylaws governing removal of an elected board member.

Under the provisions of the Health Professions Act, “the Board may, by a resolution passed by at least two-thirds of the board members voting on the resolution, reprimand, suspend or remove a member…. after reasonable notice to the member….”. Under the current provisions of the CRNBC Bylaws, removal of an elected Board member is by special resolution of the Board or the registrants at a general meeting.

The amendment to Section 1.09 (2) of the CRNBC Bylaws approved by the CRNBC Board is as follows: “special resolution” is replaced with “by resolution of the Board passed by at least two-thirds of the Board members voting on the resolution ……..” The power of registrants to remove an elected Board member at an annual or special general meeting will still require a three-quarters vote (special resolution).

A copy of the proposed bylaw amendment has been distributed to BC health professions colleges and has also been posted on the CRNBC website to ensure that the public and other interested stakeholders may view the proposed changes in a timely manner.

 Proposed bylaws

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